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Welcome to the online world of Mike Frost

A place where I get to exercise my peculiar spiritual gift of stirring up trouble by questioning the things people usually take for granted.

I don’t do it to be hurtful. Honest. I guess I think that more information is never a bad thing, and starting conversations is always a good one. I welcome disagreement, as long as you know the difference between respectful debate and relentless troll-like putdowns. I don’t put up with the latter real well.

So join me as I share my thoughts, excerpt my upcoming writing, launch debates and generally rabble-rouse, all in a genuine attempt to figure out what the reign of Jesus looks like in earthy, real terms, right here, right now.

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When your wound is the gift

When your wound is the gift

You might have seen the recent conversation between Late Show host Stephen Colbert and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. They were discussing how to deal with grief and loss, and Cooper was reflecting on Colbert’s words to him on the death of his mother. Choking back tears,...

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Christian Ministry

Leave Francis alone; Jory go home

Leave Francis alone; Jory go home

Here’s a tale of two preachers. One is named Francis Chan. He’s a well-known and much-loved pastor, preacher, author and church planter. He speaks on some of biggest platforms in the country, and is the author of several best-selling Christian books. The other is Jory...

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Dinner Church, anyone?

Dinner Church, anyone?

There was quite a reaction to one of my recent blog posts about Fresh Expressions in Leicester, England, and how we need new ways of doing and being church today. I've had quite a lot of interest in what these new ways could look like. I've even been interviewed by...

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About Mike

I’m a 20-year veteran of the academy, but I still don’t call myself an academic. On my immigration forms I write “teacher” in the occupation box.
I’ve taught at Morling College in Sydney that whole time and am currently the head of the missiology department there.
My doctorate examined a mission-shaped approach to being and doing church, and I’ve written a bunch of books in that field. Some of them have even been popular. Thank you if you bought one.
I enjoy music by guys who can’t sing that great (Dylan, Cohen, Cave), hiking the national parks of North America (15, so far), and reading Flannery O’Connor. I’ve seen every film made by the Cohen Brothers and Stanley Kubrick and I still hold out hope that Terrence Malick has one more masterpiece in him.
I helped launch the Small Boat Big Sea community in Manly. I co-founded the Forge mission training network. I have won camel races in Kazakhstan, cliff-diving competitions in Thailand, and chess tournaments at the Kremlin. And I have spoken with Elvis (not all this might be true).
And through it all I have been loved by an amazing woman who has stood by me for over 30 years and whose capacity for endurance seemingly knows no bounds, my wife, Caz (this part is definitely true!).

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How should you take it when your publisher’s Christmas gift to you is a book titled, WRITE BETTER.
Gee thanks IVP ...I think.

Greta Thunberg is Time's Person of the Year, prompting people to quote the line, "and a little child shall lead them", but how appropriate is it to use that phrase to describe her? It's meant to be about Jesus, isn't it? https://t.co/QEDoYUTEsU

The song of Mary is at once the most passionate, the wildest, one might even say the most revolutionary advent hymn ever sung. It is instead a hard, strong, inexorable song about the power of God and the powerlessness of humankind. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Christmas song that celebrates the humbling of the bourgeois and the rising up of the proletariat? That doesn’t sound very Christmassy until you read the Gospels and discover these were the very things Jesus preached about.

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