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A place where I get to exercise my peculiar spiritual gift of stirring up trouble by questioning the things people usually take for granted.

I don’t do it to be hurtful. Honest. I guess I think that more information is never a bad thing, and starting conversations is always a good one. I welcome disagreement, as long as you know the difference between respectful debate and relentless troll-like putdowns. I don’t put up with the latter real well.

So join me as I share my thoughts, excerpt my upcoming writing, launch debates and generally rabble-rouse, all in a genuine attempt to figure out what the reign of Jesus looks like in earthy, real terms, right here, right now.

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35 ways to love your neighbors right now

35 ways to love your neighbors right now

We’re socially isolated. We can’t gather in groups. We’re working from home. We can’t even go to church. How are Christians meant to express their faith in these strange days of COVID-19? It’s tough, I agree, but there are plenty of ways to love your neighbors, even...

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How do you find Jesus in the neighborhood?

How do you find Jesus in the neighborhood?

It's becoming more common these days for people to talk about finding out what God is doing in your neighborhood and joining God in that work. A few years ago, Alan Roxburgh wrote a book called Missional, which had the subtitle, Joining God in the neighborhood. He...

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Culture & Politics


Renounce your white Jesus

Renounce your white Jesus

You might have seen this recent photo of an anti-racism protester holding a sign that reads, "There are no white people in the Bible. Take all the time you need with this." At first, you'd think no one would need any time to digest that news. Of course, there are no...

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Art & Popular Culture

The Gospel According to Terry

The Gospel According to Terry

When I was 17 I went to the cinema to see Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven. At that age I'd not long graduated from kids' movies and my cinema-going diet consisted mainly of James Bond movies and disaster films (it was the 70s). I don't know why I'd chosen Days of...

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About Mike

I’m a 20-year veteran of the academy, but I still don’t call myself an academic. On my immigration forms I write “teacher” in the occupation box.
I’ve taught at Morling College in Sydney that whole time and am currently the head of the missiology department there.
My doctorate examined a mission-shaped approach to being and doing church, and I’ve written a bunch of books in that field. Some of them have even been popular. Thank you if you bought one.
I enjoy music by guys who can’t sing that great (Dylan, Cohen, Cave), hiking the national parks of North America (15, so far), and reading Flannery O’Connor. I’ve seen every film made by the Cohen Brothers and Stanley Kubrick and I still hold out hope that Terrence Malick has one more masterpiece in him.
I helped launch the Small Boat Big Sea community in Manly. I co-founded the Forge mission training network. I have won camel races in Kazakhstan, cliff-diving competitions in Thailand, and chess tournaments at the Kremlin. And I have spoken with Elvis (not all this might be true).
And through it all I have been loved by an amazing woman who has stood by me for over 30 years and whose capacity for endurance seemingly knows no bounds, my wife, Caz (this part is definitely true!).

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If you thought the massive explosion that destroyed the port of Beirut was bad, it had an estimated yield of 500 tons. Whereas the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima 75 years ago today had an estimated yield of 15 KILOTONS!
Never again!


Got this request to write a guest post on my website. Do you think there’s any chance Bob didn’t really look all that closely at my site?!

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